Episode 8
Sneak peek

This life-changing journey comes to an exhilarating end! It’s time for the designers to choose who will become their new brand ambassadors and who will be crowned season one’s Fashion Heroes!!

Episode sneak peeks
Episode 1
Sneak peek

The incredible Fashion Hero journey begins for 40 participants from all around the world, but not everyone is going to make it to week 2.

Episode 2
Sneak peek

Our participants get awed and inspired by a professional model who made it BIG thanks to his unconventional look and unique style.

Episode 3
Sneak Peek

Spending a night inside a tent is as unglamorous as it gets, so why are our participants doing it? And what better way to motivate them than a pep talk from a celebrity motivational speaker?

Episode 4
Sneak peek

Our aspiring models put their acting chops on display in their very own TV commercials, and famous designer Johnathan Kayne takes them thrift shopping. 

Episode 5
Sneak peek

Our participants strut their stuff on a fancy runway, and for the camera of one of Montreal’s most famous photographers.

Episode 6
Sneak peek

The final nominations are here, and six team-less participants are feeling the heat! Who will make a team, and who will go home?

Episode 7
Sneak peek

Our model hopefuls’ dreams finally come true in the biggest Fashion Hero event yet! But they did not expect it to end this way. 

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