30 years old
Who am I?

I’m a 26 year old artist, you must be wondering why I’m calling myself artist, it is because to live life beautifully is an art itself I’m a painter, and a poetess also and modeling is my passion I’m doing it since I was 19 year old and will continue doing it.

What do I think about A New Kind of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV series?

My passion is being front of the camera this is something which moves me and inspires me to work even more towards it, my dream is to set a goal and inspire people, there are people who look up to me and I want to do it specially because of my parents because this is their dream also♥️.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

I want to show people, what a girl can do on her own, there are people who follow me and get inspired, I want more people to watch me and see that there’s nothing impossible, I want to do good things so people who will follow me will get inspired to do so, and spread more love and kindness.

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