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Who am I?

Hi! Im Abigale Kirsten Im known best by friends as Funny, Positive, A good listener & understanding with a dash of crazy. But in some parts of the world, Im known as the person who once made a YouTube video that helped many people. I used to be Obese, and I did go through an entire childhood of scrutiny and bullying for it. When I lost weight, my aim was to help the few people that asked me how I did it, However I didn’t know I would help so many people and raise hope in their lives, bringing others a new found confidence. But now that its been a while, I want to embark on a new type of confidence, the confidence to break out of old thinking and get out of my comfort zone because ill admit, I can build a fortress in there. Im an introvert at heart but can come across as an extrovert in public. I want to break out of the introverted self, and do something for myself that means coming out of my shell. I want to raise confidence in a new way, and that is to celebrate differences in variety of bodies for all beings on earth. I do a little of everything in my spare time, I sign, play basic guitar, compose small music using a MIDI keyboard, edit videos etc Im a curious being, and that’s why I try to know the basics of anything that interests me.

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

I believe this show truly is unique in its sense of embrace. To embrace all bodies. Shapes, sizes, races & faces to me speaks volumes. The media often enables discrimination or appropriates insecurity, I love that this show doesn’t want to promote Mannequins, but real life humans. Lets face it, im no size 0 or size 4, with a symmetrical face, tall figure & perfect everything - But am a person worthy of making a statement for for variety in the media, and that is something I stand for. Therefore, I think the Fashion Hero series stands for this as well!

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

Although great, my aim isnt to be a role model or inspiration, its to be this ordinary person who did something extraordinary for themselves even when they werent the epitome of perfection, in this way, anyone who watches me CAN BE ME. Whatever I can do, they can do. I want to be the person that shows that beauty has variety and hopefully help others think of themselves greatly, and in this process, help myself too.

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