Event Designer
39 years old
Who am I?

What a question and how can I define it. I am an ever evolving women. I am a women who is creative, passionate, determined and competitive with a mind that goes 24/7 I am a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend, a mentor. I am many things, I am constantly learning, and evolving. One thing that never changes is my genuine care for others. My beliefs are grounded, that kindness and acceptance goes a long way. This goes hand in hand with how I see people. Seeing people for who they are and not based on their "Image" or "Status"

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV series?

Having a global presence that influences and showcases the perfectly imperfect is wildly welcomed. Starting the conversation, encouraging others to be their authentic self and allowing them to see how beautiful they are , I think this is great. Even just applying right now is a huge step, It takes bravery and confidence and I commend each and every other person out there who is doing exactly what I am. Koodos to you!

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of The Fashion Hero?

My motto for 2023 is Authenticity to oneself. I am going to start doing things for me. This is something that I had to learn, and I am still learning. To accept yourself as you are. That I will not fit into that “Perfect” unattainable mold that is flashed on my screen on every swipe. These beauty standards are causing detrimental effects on our generation and our future generation. From body shaming, mental health, and unhealthy behaviors. The beauty and fashion industry has to implement a new way in how they advertise. I am up to challenge harmful beauty standards whenever possible. In my line of work as an events designer, perfection is everything, however after working closely with Estee Lauder Companies and paying close attention to their brand message. I’ve learned that self care should be a top priority, not for anyone but yourself. Their message has inspired me. I have now rejected unrealistic beauty standards and encourage self care. Beauty comes from within. I embrace and encourage others not not confirm to unrealistic ideals. I try to lead by example by showing my “natural flaws” and being authentic when on social media. I practice this daily, and how amazing this would be to showcase on a larger platform. After having three children, my body is no where near perfect in social standards, but that’s ok. I will stay positive, continue to eat right, treat my body as best as I can and not wait to show it off in a swimsuit 😊 I am sure one day I will practice what I preach.

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