26 years old
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Who am I?

I am not a lot. But I am enough. I find myself to be a very happy and cheerful person. No matter what. I am capable of always finding the opportunities in the most unfavorable situations. Divorce of my parents? Check. Pretty much a loner and an introvert during High School? Check. Moving abroad away from all that was familiar to me? Check. Losing my job during this pandemic? Done all of them. But no matter what, I find the courage and the light in all the people that surround me. I am not alone and I am represented more by what I do and what obstacles I surpass along with all the people that believe in me and that I want to represent.

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

Sounds super fun! I would love to meet new people around from all over the world! I would love the feel the nerves and anxiety while waking on a runaway (praying not to fall or faint). I would love to use my creativity to represent brands and companies through my unique way of being. And last but not least, photoshoots - in the most intense - breathtaking - adrenaline rushed scenarios. Yes - i think its all fun! :D

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

To me, a role model doesn`t have to save lives, doesn`t have to donate thousands of euros to charities. For me, its the unique approach of overcoming the most common things where people can relate and feel the role model as one of their own. The role model does not choose to become one. He will continue his/her lifestyle just as he started. And that`s where I know I will always be a simple person in a very complex world. I will thrive for simplicity and I will stand for it. Hope to inspire people that between me and the rest, is not too much of a difference apart from the fact that I choose to be a bit more vocal and show myself, but I choose so in order to represent something bigger than just myself. I know there are so many like me who are scared and would like to do something about it. Allow me to show and prove that even though its hard (it scares me to death honestly and no one would believe of me thinking to even apply here), we "all have it" already. It just needs a bit of reminding! Allow me to remind yourself (and me) that we can do anything we put our mind to. Everyone I know would use a single word for me - quirky. And i will stand for that, having the courage that in this industry, quirky can be entertaining, vocal, brave, inspiring and beautiful! Not that special - I am just at peace with myself.

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