Ali jafar
31 years old
Who am I?

I am 29 years old and live in Amsterdam I have study fashion design and management!! I am new yet started fashion designer!! I gave my first in London 2019!!great experience!! my brand is called Meshali fashion I love fashion and hope too a have a great carreer in! My whole life I have done something be it whit design or even whit modeling!! I am person that is being comfortable in my own style! I like colors specially tropical colors. When I combine my style whit some tropical color based clothes I feel comfortable! I never have ashamed of my style whether it be wich or what kind of situation!! I know I don’t look like a model that is most in the Magazines whit there fancy hairs and and good body!! But I am not ashamed of my little bit belly or little bit being bold! I have scarfs from acne when I was young but that doesn’t stop too not show my self and express.i know I get lot of bullied in my high school because of that but has make me more stronger. My personality is just not like that I am verry good joker or maybe a talker but I like too be my self.i am not saying that I am a introvert but sometimes I don’t have anything too say or I need some time for my self.i like being in a party mood that’s why like a dancing.In clubs sometime I go grazy and dance too impress haha! I can be sometimes serious but than I can be also sometimes making jokes when nobody expect haha. In my professional live and from my work experience I like too take things serious so that don’t make any faults. I follow the rules and like too being a professionist! I have a character that is always too try new things I like too have some experience in lots of subjects. I believe when you want really something in your live you be have patience and active.these 2 things will give sure succes in long term.

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

Fashion hero tv is a fabulous experience who have participated! This show give people hope that always have dreamed about too being a model or maybe even wat too inspire whit there unique character. I believe this show will give me more experience and will give me more hope too have a good career in fashion world.I believe this series is a good response too world too not have one role model in this world too express in fashion.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I believe in myself and I believe in what I want too be! I have never gave up on my dreams! That’s I gave my first show in 2019 because I never gave up. One day you are thinking you will never make it and the other day you get a opportunity.This is life it’s never easy.unless you are born in a famous family haha but even then is a 50/50 chance what you want too succeed! I believe because I have patience and I have never gave up I think I can inspire people as the new face! I think if am going too win I will definitely inspire people whit my style!

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