40 years old
Who am I?

I'm Saviour of Abuse, Church Choir Singer & Certified Nursing Assistant CNA

What do I think about A New Kind of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV series?

Kindhearted people who care about following their lifelong Dreams.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

August 3rd Was born at hospital in hometown Saint Petersburg FL Pinellas County. 1990 age 7 started singing in children choir at Suncoast Cathedral was there thru fifth grade year 1995. In 1997 Sang in the youth choir thru age 21 then moved on to sing with adult choir. Family likes to travel we been to NYC, New York state, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, London England, Canada, Jamaica. Since 2012-2023 Life has been up & down dealing with a ex boyfriend in & out of jail, drugs, I never had drugs or drink, go to church on Sunday when can to otherwise watch it online. Last year starting June 25,2022 toxic relationship got bad with EX October 18 I found out my high school friend past away from cancer at age 39 that same day I had a miscarriage 7 weeks along it was heartbreaking Strength putting faith in God and family, Speaking of family my Aunt is famous for jewelry Facebook page she been to the Met Gala, recently to MGM Grand Los Vegas. Since a Teenager dream was to be in the entertainment business & do CNA work at the same time.Pushing myself to do better each day into following my dreams.

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