South Africa
22 years old
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Who am I?

My name is Amogelang Mmusi , a 22 year-old albino girl from Potchefstroom (South Africa). I've grown to be comfortable in my own skin, which was a struggle for me to actually accept cause of stereotype. I love fashion and modeling because I believe that am a work of art and am passionate about it. Am independent and vocal. Am an open minded person ,I love socializing and meeting new people, I sprinkle kindness everywhere I go and carry a positive energy along with it

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

The fashion hero TV series is an amazing platform that gives out enormous opportunities to everyone regardless of age, skin colour, ethnicity or whatever country they come from. It gives out an opportunity to showcase different personalities, talent and how comfortable they are in their own skin.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

Because I believe that beauty can be expressed in different colours and I want everyone to feel comfortable in it. I demonstrate commitment to a desired goal and am also willing to invest the necessary time and effort to achieve success. And I would love for people to look up to me

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