16 years old
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I am strong, beautiful, and unapologetic. It is time to defy beauty standards and learn to love myself for who i am I would love to empower young women around the world like me to the same. As a minioriy in Canada i have always felt like an eye sore not pretty, not smart enough, not normal enough . I use to and still do look at myself and tell myself what i need to change myself to become beautiful because i am to short , to fat to dark , to imperfect to become a model or even beautiful in the eyes of others. I think it is time to teach young women how to enjoy their so called imperfections and differences to learn how to make a stand against beauty standards. I believe there is no standard we are all beautiful not only through our appearances but through our actions and words.

My dreams and passions

My dream and passion are to influence the beauty industry and art industry to defy the standards of beauty and art design . My dream is to empower girls and women to loves themselves no matter race and ethnicity nor religion. Its time to be strong and love ourselves for who we are. I am also passionate of reducing mental stigma for mental illness affects billions of people in the world who are afraid to tell others or empower others for they don’t want to be seen as weak or crazy or worse be consently reminded that they are not the same not included in standards our society has. It js time to break down the wall of beauty for there are no boundaries or limits in beauty, beauty is within ourselves and minds. Let’s foster a community of love for ourselves despite the so called barriers that keep us from learning to love each and one aspect of our beauty.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I can make a huge difference by empowering women in the muslim community to defy the beauty standards i will give them confidence to become an influencer in their community and the fashion industry and stand against the mental health stigma in the industry but around the world as well. Be strong , be proud, be beautiful because there is bo barriers in beauty.

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