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I Am Anner J. Echols a country girl with big dreams; the CEO/ Producer, and Publisher of Dreamland Productions, and The Cover Magazine; celebrating 25+ years in the fashion and entertainment industry with a passion for fashion #TalentScout #Choreographer #FashionConsultant #TVProducer #TVHost #Designer #philanthrophist #IBM-Consultant #DreamGirl #BeautyConsultant

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

The Fashion Hero is a wonderful production for people that are in the fashion industry to step up to the table or have a seat at the table, and become mentors and role models for others who are aspiring to become models, gain exposure, and take their dreams, and aspirations to another level. The Fashion Hero deals with real life people, and the reality of life; because inner beauty is deeper, and greater than outer beauty. It is so important to adjust to changes, because people lives are constantly transforming. This TV show is so vital; because it teaches people to love, and embrace their inner/outer beauty, and embrace the skin they are in no matter what size they are.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

Because of my 25+ years in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry; I will be a great role model for this generation, because I love people, and I love addressing real life issues people deal with from deep within. Also, because of my building confidence style of teaching, and IBM classes (Image, Branding and Marketing/Management). I teach and train students that image is every thing, the first look should be the on lookers 1st impression; especially when attending a casting call, or a job interview. I put extra emphasis on, and encourage my students to learn from me, instead of wanting to be like me. I work very hard to be an excellent example, and role model for each, and everyone who knows me, attended our classes or anyone visiting us at Dreamland Productions; for a career/entertainment consultation. I know, I can play a major role in inspiring this generation; because this is a new era where ethnicity, and diversity is no longer a gap that divides us; but it unifies us! Last but not least; I produced, and published The Cover Magazine because everyone dream of being on the cover of a magazine; and we say at Dreamland Productions "If you can dream it; we can make it happen", and that's exactly what The Cover Magazine is all about...It unveils and reveals the lives of others, making a dream a reality by showcasing others on the cover of a magazine.

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