South Africa
18 years old
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About me

I am a very outgoing person. I enjoy being around people and getting to learn new things. I know how to entertain them as well. I am a good listener and enjoy listening to music. I take my body first. I'm good in controlling my emotions hence you will always find a smile on my face. I don't like people feeling sorry for me.

My dreams and passions

Since I was a young girl I had always dreamed of being a successful employee and most importantly a model, I would always look through magazines and see myself becoming a model. This dream has helped me to look after my body and be aware of fashion.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

If my dream of becoming a successful model come true, and become a fashion hero, I would like to inspire people mostly teens about fashion sense and prove to them that you don't need to be rich so that you look your best, all it takes is just a simple effort and creativity.

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