Girl Scouts Coach , Jr NBA Host , Miss Fayatte County high school , Miss Fashion Global , English Writer , Scholar at NYU studies in Journalism A Public Leader , School Board Partner/member , The Voice winner , Miss Grand International , Mizz Bratz Universe , Coursera Business Administrator News Corp Scholar Program Grantor , Ms Black International Ambassador Scholarship
46 years old
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Miss Beauty Queen collector mentor : Miss Fashion Global Ambassador , Miss Fayette High School , Miss Fayetteville , Miss Georgia , Miss Georgia USA , Miss Black International Ambassador Scholarship , Miss Black Cameroon International Ambassador , Miss World , Miss Earth , Miss International , Miss Universe , Most Beautiful Miss in the Universe ;- I have open my own pageant that's called Mizz Bratz Universe, I am very bless to lead towns and groups for powerment. Calenders face wall chairs stand high water taste great father in rock in roll bands mother cooking meals clocks sings you songs nature you in love "hint" my puzzle sure my Arts and crafts yeah . I can see everyone even in Vogue Magazine our dream. My mention an award 'called' Grace Shine. I have done many pageants over the years and we won ,yes you and me. I made far as being Disricit Parent Advisory Council , Georgia Department Of Education Community Partner/Member , Beauty Change Lives Scholarship Program , Georgia Is now an A/B Honor State now for 10+ years , highest state getting the highest SAT Socres in the world , USA is has the chance to 'HOST' The World Scholar's Cup . During the Covid 19 lock down myself , an Honor Educator got together helped get Chromebooks for all students and schools , loving. National School Choice Week my Scholar Son and peer workers helped your Governor get their Scholarship , amazing. DFCS gave free internship virtual free programs. I got to with the Truckers and with their help meals were given to the students in school virtual school bus taken four free meals a day all homes with students now thats still going on now. My leadership blooms , more contests for students are online. My Scholar Son is a Teen Writer for UNDERTHEMADNESSMAGAZINE. I am glamourous you can check me out on other things too. Not so sure where to find me just google or email me I love to hear from you. We can make an outstanding match. Peace

What do I think about A New Kind of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV series?

Love fell on the eye of fashion , daydreamers became drugged on money hooray. 2023 pushed many towns to you and me I said your updates. Bloom honey suckles and smells make me think of fashion. Fashion doesn't change at all to me , because I love seeing great things myself I wear poke-a-dots with deep brown and high heels shoes with a large flower handbag. I am dreaming of us. Big simles stands alone really. It should be a Fashion Flag for Countries , maybe if you are too busy we can make fashion flags together for countries.Yes you please don't go .

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

I am the perfect face for pictures and many towns. It will go naked but with dust you see more everything. Unbelievable this is for you and I .

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