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Hi! My name is Bobbi. I am a regular 16 year old girl who lives in Dublin,Ireland. But I have a passion for fashion, it is my whole world. I am hoping you will take the time to read my profile and vote for me. Thanks 😁

My dreams and passions

I have a passion for fashion and makeup. They're my life. When I experiment with clothing accesories and makeup it is like I'm in a whole other world and I can go wild. My biggest dream would be to make it on the cover of vogue magazine and has been my dream for a long time. I'm hoping The Fashion Hero can help my that happen. 😁🙏

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

If I was to become the next fashion hero I feel I could make a huge difference. I would be showing all of the girls and boys out there that anything can happen. That if even a regular teenege girl with a passion for fashion from Ireland can make it that so can they. I would also make a difference by probably being one of the youngest Fashion heroes and inspiring other young people to spark their creativity and take part. 😁💕🙏

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