South Africa
Hospitality Coordinator
30 years old
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About me

I am a very caring and spontaneous person. I like making new friends and meet new people of different cultures. I love the outdoors and being adventurous. As much as I like the outdoors, I like to spend time with family and close friends too. I am the type of person that can fit in with any crowd and like to make people feel comfortable around me.

My dreams and passions

to work with people/kid who has no self confidents and suffer from low self-esteem. those who has body issues and also those who suffers from depression. I want them to know that beauty is not only just about your dress size or how tall you are. Beauty comes within, its about personality and it can also be your smile. Come on ladies!!! BE-YOU-TIFUL (BEAUTIFUL)

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

To let women see that curves are beautiful. All shapes and sizes can be used in the modelling industry and can also be on a billboard. Not just the slim tall ones (got nothing against them. They just as BEAUTIFUL).

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