16 years old
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About me

Hello my name is Carnikqua Aajanelle Thomas (CAT), I’m 16 yrs of age height: 5’9. I came from a small town, magnolia Arkansas, I didn’t have many opportunities to do something with my life there. So I moved to Grand Prairie,Texas I’ve always dreamed of becoming a model not for fun but to be a leading to show that anyone can be successful in what they believe in and we all can achieve our dream. I was always bullied about my height, my face, and my color but I didn’t let that stop me none and now I wanna make a difference.

My dreams and passions

My dreams are to become somebody successful, and to be a positive leader . My passions are modeling and theater I always loved to be in the spotlight

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I would make a difference for all of the people who thinks they can’t be successful or achieve their dreams of being a model or anything I will set a role of good and positive vibes and make a positive difference in this industry

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