23 years old
Who am I?

I am 23 year old creative that’s filled with ideas and determination. For some reason I still can’t get settle in a career… all I know is that I’m boiling with artistic juices and I’m ready for the world to taste what I bring to the table. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.. with my two older sisters and single mother. My family are the closest to me besides my music babies … Lol, I’m a music artist who loves making bops for the culture. How long can the world resist your son God? Make me known.

What do I think about A New Kind of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV series?

I think that this will be an awesome opportunity for anyone. It’s always a beautiful thing to discover a new kind of beauty.. especially when people are used to beauty looking a particular way. Beauty is art and art has no limits. With this show.. the fashion and beauty will be limitless and I’m excited to be apart.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

I will be a great role model for this generation because I understand them. I look in the mirror everyday and realize there is purpose on my life. That purpose is to help my generation out of this deep dark hole. A hole that swallows the confidence of beautiful girls and women, a hole that robs the pride of young boys and men, a hole that darkens the light placed in all of us. Before I leave this earth, I’ll grab them out one by one if I have to. That story in itself is fashion, because elevating yourself is one thing… but elevating others is a new kind of beautiful.

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