35 years old
Who am I?

Hi I’m Crystal! I’m a commercial model and actress and recently obtained my make up artist certification due to my love for beauty products as well. I’m also a model and am engaged to a wonderful family man who’s been supportive of my dreams since the day I met him. My love for modeling and acting started in my childhood. I loved dressing up with my sisters, taking a lead role in a theatre play, or cheering for my school’s football team. When I was a kid I always played with barbies. For birthday celebrations, with the help of our Dad, my sisters and I would turn our living room into a dance hall, complete with a music stage (the fireplace) to celebrate our birthday. Then we would have a slumber party/sleep over with our best girlfriends. I’ve always been a girly girl! (I was the only one in family to go to college). After receiving a Valedictorian scholarship, I earned a B.S. in Consumer Science and Merchandising due to my love for retail and sales. While attending college, I was an activities director for Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and performed dance in various philanthropy shows and events to raise funds for breast cancer. I had two beautiful children early after college so I left my retail job for education. As a former teacher and senior purchasing buyer for the Harris County Hospital District, I have always been in the forefront of the public, leading, educating, and influencing others. Covid came and I changed careers to pursue my personal dreams. I’m a Gemini so I’m a little risky! I’m opening minded and love trying new things. I’m passionate in everything I do, and love being around people. My hobbies include reading, running, dancing, being outdoors, or spending time with family and friends. I’m represented by two Texas modeling and talent agencies. I just launched my new career at the end of 2020 when I was featured in an online commercial and print advertisement with Cigna Health Insurance as a Harris County Health Superhero for my love and commitment to fitness. In 2021, I was top 5 of my group for Miss Jet Set Magazine and top 10 for 2021 Face of America by Natural Beauty’s Playground. I have recent credits for an industrial commercial, Paris, France hand drawn character promotional video, and even an influencer project for vintage clothing. Each of the projects have been very different but the uniqueness of them all and the stories they created for my clients, have motivated me to stay in this career field. I have a passion for inspiring others to be healthy, kind, confident, and naturally beautiful! I want to continue being a model to help brands sell their products. To me it’s so fun to know that what I’m wearing or the products I’m show casing will help a business be successful and for that reason I take my job very seriously. I create a mood based on my clients needs.

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

I love that the competition includes people of all shapes and sizes be apart of a show. I’m 5’ 1 and 100 lbs but don’t want that to keep me out of the industry I love and am passionate about! I think fashion is more than just an outfit or item. To me, fashion represents a story and mood down to the accessories, details, and environment.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I have a big heart and personality. I want to showcase fashion to bring brand awareness. I think every designer or supplier has a theme and look for what they create. It’s a model’s job to create a story that helps sell what they’re wearing. Models shouldn’t be arrogant. It’s not about just looking pretty but more about what story and mood you tell based on what you’re wearing and what the client is trying to portray. Collaboration, show casing your personality, and relationships will help you determine your success for a photo shoot!

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