24 years old
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About me

Not only the outside but the inside is what shows your true beauty of being a human. What you do for other people shows what kind of person you are.

My dreams and passions

24, bartender, mother of a four year old. I have 2 cats. My boyfriend and I both work at the same bar his mom owns. I have blue eyes brown hair, fair skin. I’m five feet eight inches. I wear size 9 shoe, I am bubbly, energetic, caring , loyal, affectionate and I absolutely love my son and my two cats. I have a weird outlook on life and my friends and family say I have the a soul of an old woman. I am an old soul trapped in a young women’s body. I’ve alwyas aspired to be a model but I have never actually had the guts to go forth with it all the way.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Work, teaching and educating my son about life and what it’s all about. Walking the beaches, gardening. Cleaning the community. Substituting at the school my mom works at.

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