25 years old
Who am I?

Beauty is within your mind body and soul and if you are beautiful and feel beautiful you will be beautiful.. for more content google diamondmariexxx or my insta @diamondmarie3xx__ or twitter diamondmariexxx

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

I am a model and dancer that had always wanted to become more I have done runway an many video and photo shoots I have always watched America's next top model and wondered if that would be me .. hello my name is Diamond Marie I have always wanted to be a model since a child because I felt taking pictures I can express my emotions and when I look at my pictures I see love emotion and heart something that is not giving easy something so beautiful inside that individual didn't know they had inside and what really crashes your heart and shatters my dreams is that have been denied from so many agencies because of my body and my tattoos and scars they call them body fouls and all I want to do is just be the best model I could be if I got this opportunity I definitely would give it all I got because there's not another chance I would probably get an opportunity like this. I definitely know diversity and difference is something that means a lot to me I love being different that just makes me me. Difference is not so common everybody tries to be like everybody else well I'm different and I would love to show the world how different I can make things and how it could change things so not only is this a great opportunity but it's a chance to make a difference and myself the world and the fashion industry and most definitely modeling industry vote for me and take the time out of your life heart and soul to make a difference the fashion modeling world and I will definitely be waiting..hope to see u soon let's make a difference Have u ever wanted to model or show the world how your different Well guess what I have and I do there's only so much I can say in this little short paragraph this is my life I live it everyday I went through struggles and success pain and beauty it looks easy but it's a lot harder than it looks give everybody the chance they deserve to show them how beautiful they really are and you know how they say pain is beauty well and this industry it comes in many so before anybody judges what one may do think about could you do it. so will you vote for me.. What are your dreams..? Have you ever modeled? What makes you different? What does diversity mean to you? would you ever take this challenge to better you and the world in the model world? What makes you happy Ask yourself this questions ... If selected do you think I can make it far in this career? The world is mysterious place I actually found this TV show on Netflix and Googled it and now look where I am in the race to be the next best model for one of the world's top brands and I could be a great brand ambassador I have the Knowledge and Skills to do what it takes and I won't stop trying until I get there.. https://www.instagram./diamond... Follow me and help support this movement to advance my modeling career

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I am so very interested to put my all and very most confined confidence and effort into becoming a model and show my love for fashion and modeling

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Diamond Marie
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