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Who am I?

I’m an activist, a student, a teacher, a daughter, a pet- parent, and a survivor. My family was displaced by hurricane Katrina. It was a blessing and a curse because it took away my childhood home but it gave me so many new opportunities. Although that transformation was challenging, it taught me the importance of perseverance . Now, I am a college student who is outspoken in her convictions. I am a strong believer in equality and human rights for all. Starting in my high school career, I became involved in local politics and I have been enamored with the political process ever since. I grew up swimming and playing water polo so I became a swim instructor because of how passionate I was about the importance of water safety. All these aspects of my life have made me the person I am today: a caring, humble, relatable, self motivated, young woman who firmly believes in making the world a better place.

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

The Fashion Hero TV series is a great opportunity to diversify the fashion world! I admire the fact that it gives the opportunity for people with different shapes, sizes, and races a place to socialize and network with like minded people in their journey to join the fashion world.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I would be a great role model for this generation because girls, especially black girls could see themselves in me. I am confident, insecure, bold, quirky, shy, outgoing, complex young woman who believes humans cannot be summed up in one word because beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.

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