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Who am I?

32 years old Durga Devi D/O Sandaran is a proud native of the beautiful, cosmopolitan island of Singapore. She is an ambitious and determined individual who is also generous and thoughtful, which helps her excel in many areas of her life. DD, as she is more affectionately known, is a passionate entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful small businesses. She is the creator of LD Glow Specialist, a premium skincare brand which she researched and formulated on her own, and has quickly become a staple in many people's skincare routine. Her love for entertaining and keen eye for detail also led her to set up KD The Party Gurus, a decor events company that takes your average event, to an Instagram-worthy fiesta. For the past 5 years, DD has also taken on the role of a franchise owner of Speech Academy Asia, a company providing cutting edge communication training courses to individuals of all ages and organisations. She has helped people gain confidence in speaking and discover their inner joy through the art of self-expression. Her vision is to groom the next generation of aspiring speakers and empower them with effective communication and leadership skills to attain greater success. This curvaceous fashionista has always loved the energy and challenge involved in pageants, which she feels has helped her build her confidence and expose her to a vibrant exciting world; a change from her everyday grind. From her teenage years, she has participated in various pageants and talent shows and her luminescent smile, style and grace has led her to excel in all of them. DD's vivacious personality, coupled with her calm sensibility makes her a great friend. Her zest for life and never-give-up attitude makes her an inspiring role model. Most importantly, her kindness, generosity and genuine love and care for everyone around her makes her a fantastic human being. With her many amazing traits, Durga Devi is the true embodiment of what this competition is all about and will make a wonderful ambassador for The Fashion Hero TV Series and all that it represents.

What do I think about A New Kind Of Beautiful TV Series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV Series?

I love how The Fashion Hero TV Series has created a platform to empower real people to achieve bold dreams. This is a safe place for ordinary folks to shine and showcase their inner stars proudly.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV Series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

I would be an inspiring role model because while I'm not tall, skinny or display the conventional "model" look, I am extremely confident in my own skin and truly love the way I look and carry myself. Being the way I am, I believe I can empower everyone to fall in love with their own reflections in the mirror and feel amazing about who they are. “You are Bold. You are Brilliant. You are Beautiful. You are worth of anything you want to accomplish. That is beauty beyond size and that never fails”. - Ashley Graham

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