Licensed esthetician
26 years old
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About me

26 years of age but I don’t think you can tell. Grew up in Texas and currently working at ulta. Modeling has always been my passion. I have Spaniard and Aztec blood in me. Graduated college with my associates degree in Business administration. Appeared in a stripes commercial. Also did a promo video for Bruno Mars new liquor selvarey rum. Also competed in the miss Houston pageant and the beauties of the universe pageant and placed representing Spain.

My dreams and passions

My dreams are something I want to make a reality. Modeling for clothing brands such as Bebe, forever 21, coach, Macy’s, and for makeup like cover girl and my favorite makeup such as benefit cosmetics. My passion is to model and represent My state Texas. Walking the runway is something I want to continue doing more and more.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I believe I can make a difference by inspiring others to feel beautiful and to chase their dreams of being whatever their heart desires. I want to motivate all ethnicities and shapes and sizes to never give up on where their hearts want to take them. And I want to give back to my community and speaking about my personal experience growing up and how I found myself and never let opposition or negative feedback affect my life choices.

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