I am winner of a TV reality show in my country. Biggy237 2020.Am a designer, actress, makeup artist, dancer, vixen and hair hairstylists.model
23 years old
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Who am I?

I am a Mum, a multi talented person, these includes the following: a professional makeup Artist, Hairstylist. Designer. web series Actress, Professional dance, Model, Brand Ambassador, influencer, public figure and a vixen girl. I am out going, creative, hard working ,never giving up in life, ready to stumble and fall, use my failures as a multination to keep forging ahead to be successful . I use negative and positive criticisms to better my self. I want to work so hard to be a multivational person to most young single Mums out there, making them to know giving up should not be in their list of priorities, no matter the turbulances and challenges, they face in life. The sky is not my limit, so since the Fashion Hero show is a platform which is not limited but touches and give possibilities and openings to the world large to showcase their talents without discrimination of colour, race, religion and gender. its a dream come true and being a contestant makes me a winner already . Pleading the public makes me achieve these dreams just by voting me to be a part of the TV reality show, I will be that one person that will keep you all glued to your screens.

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

Being a volatile and multi talented individual, I strongly believe that The Fashion Hero TV Series is an appropriate platform for me to show more, sell more and learn more! It is the golden opportunity to experience the true values of love, forgiveness, care and understanding, by relating with other contestants or Housemates ! I cannot underestimate being the Ambassador, the face and an influencer of The Fashion Hero TV reality show! It is worth its weight in a golden plate and I am coming for it!". These show cuts across many countries, races, cultures, ethinic groups, genders and religions without limitation. It's a rich platform to sell and make me known and exposed beyound my country Cameroon. It opens doors to many talents out there and make their potentials known and valued.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I will love to keep being an inspiration first to my son, my siblings as the first Child. I will continuously inspire those that look up to me as a public figure in my country. Especially the internally displaced youths of the North West and South West Regions of my Country , who due to the on going crises for over 5 years, have lost their homes and have stopped school. As the new face of The Fashion Hero, I will give them hope by using my hand work and creativity as a designer, makeup artist, and hair stylist to train them for free and get them basic materials to start up a new life. This is a project I hold so close to my heart and I have started working on it, but due to financial Constraints, I have not been able to reach out to many. I will love to carry on with my humanitarian works which I started during my last trip in Dubai, by doing an outreach Program to some, Cameroonians, other African nationalities and whites persons, who due to corona pandemic lost their jobs and are now leaving in the streets. I will love to continuesly multivate single Mothers, who have lost hope because of early pregnancy like me, I will make youths understand from experience that giving birth early, does not make them feel rejected in our society and that, when this happens, these angels should be their driving force and a blessing and the reasons for them to stand up tall and outstanding to fend for their kids. Also be exemplary Mothers to their children . This can only be done, if these single mothers fight hard to attend their dreams by never giving up in this life. My growing up was not easy, I went through trauma because of body shaming due to my masculine physical appearance , which made me act and dressed like a Tom boy. To over come this challenge I accepted me for who I am. This is a project I hold so Important and I started Advocating and campaignIng against it. This act of deriding or mocking a person's physical appearance has left so much pains and negative emotional effects on us. It makes people lose self esteem, Undergo depression and it makes them feel like they cannot meet social criterias. Like the new face of the fashion hero, I will be able to use my experience to inspire others to accept themselves for who they are, love their innermost and physical being, by accepting who they are and not changing to please social critics that degrade their persons. I will encourage them to be a multivation to others. I will stand against racism, will stand for gender equality, against Child Abuse and whole lots, As a new face of the Fashion Hero I will use this platform, their contacts and technical know how to encourage other to be a part of this experience, that scoop talents and bring them to the lamb light. I will equally hold my new post of responsibility in high esteem and carry out my Job description professionally and make sure I attain my objectives and assignments .

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