South Africa
25 years old
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Who am I?

Just an ordinary human living on planet earth. Haha ok on a serious note , I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. I’m your typical old school gentleman type, the one they say that does not exist anymore right?! Hey Hello. I’m also really nerdy in terms of academics and well anything in life- Mr Perfectionist all the way. I have just graduated with a Honours Business degree in Business Management. I’m currently studying to become a English Foreign Language Teacher. I’m also a very diligent, hardworking, loyal, kind and empathetic person. Now focusing on the empathetic part. My whole life I have been judged as being too soft. Often I felt like I was not man enough because I have a quality not often associated with the stigma of being a ‘Man”. I use to think that was a weakness trait to have but definitely a strength I’ve been given in life being empathetic. Lastly I would say what you need to know about me is I’m just a lover of life. I live by the motto: ‘Life Stands for Life It Fully Everyday.’

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

My dream is to be successful in any career that I decide to pursue. I ultimately dream to make an impact that leaves a positive legacy in the world. Right now i would like to become a major influencer but one that influences others for the right reasons. These would to make others feel happy about themselves and to lead others to live a more positive lifestyle. Also, I’ve always had the dream of becoming a model and getting the opportunity to represent major influential brands. My passions are photography, traveling and learning new cultures and sites as well as of course your typical Millennial answer social media- Blogging. I blog about men’s fashion, traveling, fitness and of course everyone’s favorite eating. Yes I’m a foodie. Overall I hope to get to do something that not only makes me smile but others as well. Only then I would feel like I definitely contributed positively to the world.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I would make a difference as the next fashion hero by showcasing firstly to the public that I’m not your typical model I’m ordinary and full of flaws just like anyone. I would use this platform to show that just like me they too can be anything they want. Despite a size, weight, height and facial feature or anything that is seen as a reason as to why we can’t achieve our dreams. I was denied often as a model from agencies because I did not meet the height limitation or have the required muscle build. Now, I like that the model industry is changing. I like that in the future soon we can all feel more better about ourselves. This is because slowly we all realizing those cover magazine models are not ideal. What is ideal is for everyone to just be happy. To be happy we gotta influence the world to really see that beauty is not just one form but many. I hope to be apart of this movement in contributing to a new society. Thus most importantly I feel I can make a difference by using my story, dreams, passions, skills and traits and applying them possibly with the platform to show others that together we can change the model industry rule book. I want to do this by changing the stigma men can’t be empathetic that it is only for women. I wanna show the world such men should exist and do exist. Strength and Muscles are not just what men should represent.

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