26 years old
Who am I?

My name is gurbhej singh but i was named jazz by my parents.I am a working professional from India and a permanent resident in canada.I wanted to become an actor always.I am not on any social Media so its hard to find me over there.I do micicary of bollywood actors while talking to my friends and family. I am good at making stories and its easy for me to fool someone just because of my emotions, face expressions and little acting.

What do I think about A New Kind of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV series?

I think its gonna be a superhit series and story looks great only because of great actors in it.As long as we got good actors its more realistic and amazing.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

I would be a great model for people around my height.I am 170cm tall without shoes.People believe that i am good at everything but not good at my height.I wanna teach them and people like me that as long as we are living humans we can do anything

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