Kiyv, Ukraine
29 years old
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Who am I?

Gary, 30 years old. I live in Ukraine and work as a digital marketer for more than 5 years. Now I'm starting my own digital agency. In free time I like to do sports (gym & box), sing and relax (as all normal people). Also, I'm proud to have 2 dogs and a cat from Whiskas commercial ;)

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

I think its a great idea to gather people from different countries in one TV project and see how they will communicate and cope with pressure and all the situations.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I think I will be a great and inspiring role model because: 1) I have a specific appearance due to my mixed blood (Ukrainian, Russian, Mordovian, German and Polish). Also, I've beed studiyng in International University in Warsaw (Poland) on British educational program an have excellent attitude and communication with people of different races and nationalities. 2) I like boxing, singing and dancing :) 3) I love animals even more then humans and have a mini Zoo (2 dogs and a cat) ;) Also, created a project that helps people to find their lost animals using the Facebook targeting: 7 dogs out of 7 found their owners.

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