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Who am I?

Hi a little about myself I'm a fashion designer, Business woman, Fashion Model , and entrepreneur . I'm a single mother of 3 children ages 13,17&18. I'm originally from Florida I'm 🇩🇪German and Black and I made true sacrifice to make a greater life here in LA California for my children and I. I went from homeless on skid row to living in parks and bus stops going to Denny’s just to sit all here in LA. I have my struggles but I keep pushing no matter the challenges. Now that actually now I’m able to makie moves more now to pursue my dreams it's a struggle but still pushing... I'm a strong minded person and have an eye for fashion and makeup and so much other things. I'm a bit more caring and have a good heart-than most. Im a soul connected type of person to connect with I'm a real old soul I'm all about having positive vibes living your best life and conquering everything you desire.. One thing about me, you will never see what's my next move I magically appear when u least expect it.. when the world and all the negative energy thinks I’m broken I’m not I appear when it’s time..

What do I think about the Fahsion Hero TV Series?

My dreams and Passions are being a fashion designer next level as Model especially also to have a voice for Diversity community that’s very important to me , I want to start back to pursue Modeling more than ever.. Modeling is my thing 100% modeling was how I started off and acting. I’ve done tv shows homeless in Miami before I came to LA. I’m focused on modeling bring a designer and all my other ventures I have going on. Finishing my real estate and to execute in that. Get my Paralegal degree or certificate Own my first clothing store Build apts for the parents with children in bad situations there nothing like that here in LA May the list goes on!!!!!!!!!!

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

This is what I love what I breathe when it comes making a difference on all levels . Helping one another to pursue each other dreams and goals I believe is the best positive attitude to bring to the table . What I will show is that being negative and rudeness to each other is not going to conquer anything I will be very determined to bring life joy to the crowd being part of the fashion world is about confidence believing striving perfection and bringing your inner side out to show the world and people you are around that you are great and love what you do no matter your race, gender, culture and beliefs... I'm ready to show off and show out and yet be humble there need to be more people like me ready and fearless to reach out and Change the Game in the Fashion world ::::: there is a type of unique and gifted talents I want to reveal to the world :::. The power I know I can give to people the energy the courage I want to give and show this through my Modeling am art of life. It’s time to change the modeling industry it’s not about being perfect and having lighter skin it’s all about embracing all complexions if people in this world 🌎. It’s ridiculous and it needs to be dealt with now and stand for all our communities and it starts now ...!!!!!

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