Joseph Ivan
Visual Art Instructor
30 years old
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About me

For me Beauty is not about how you look,what you wear or what you have.It's all about how you think and how you act towards yourself and others.People will criticize or even judge you but what's important is you believe in yourself. Be brave to accept the truth,that life is unfair and embrace it will all your heart so that you will have no regrets in the end.Always have your confidence in everything you do,give your best and be the greatest,after all confidence is something you can always wear and will never be out of fashion.

My dreams and passions

I'm 30 yr. old graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English.Working as a Visual Art Instructor in a private art School.I'm not a sporty type of guy, more of a reserved and shy type.Single and Independent.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I'm a nature lover and wants to travel around the world to explore its beauty beyond words and pictures. I'm an artist who teaches arts for all ages like basic drawing,coloring using pastel,painting using acrylic,poster and watercolor,illustration,sketching,cartoon and comics,glass painting,clay modeling and a lot more.

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