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Who am I? Hi, I'm Karla! I am twenty-three years old and I come from Croatia. I am a hotel and tour technician, so I speak several languages ​​(advanced English and Spanish, basic German and Italian). I am always ready for new education, knowledge and new life challenges and adventures. I am an individual. a freethinker. I am a realist who believes in miracles. In my free time I dance, write, listen to music, play poker, play basketball, read the news, watch reality shows, hang out with a dog or go out. I usually explore, read, write, search and research while I'm being online. I’m very enthusiastic, just motivated, open-minded, I know how people’s brains work. I know how to talk to them. My profession taught me how to get with people, how to communicate, how to use all marketing strategies and tips. I know what people want. A and the creative side of me can also bring good ideas. I am a creator. Plus, I’m a perfectionist and very passionate one. I am well educated and organized as a person. I love modeling in all aspects. I love fashion. I love change. I am a change. I love new things. I like to travel. I love money and I can make a lot of it if I get the right opportunity. I am a young, beautiful, confident and I am looking for some adventure for a lifetime! No children, no marriage, no obligations. To nothing and to no one, but me.

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

My life-long dream is a life that I do not need a break from. My biggest passion is fashion, photography, leadership, taking risks, traveling and writing. I love aesthetic. I love cameras. And I'm nit afraid to say it loud, I really find beauty, invaluable. I always thought we should show what we have. What we got. Show and work on that. Work and never stop. There is, literally, nothing wrong with that. Overall, I am also a very good public speaker and promoter. I know man tactic. Strategy. I know tourism, marketing and the economy. I know and I follow fashion. I love expensive things. I love to feel good. We all know what’s behind it. And the main fact is ... It's the only job I don't need a break from. Because every day is a challenge for me and it excites me so much that I dream about it. Why would I be a great role model to this generation and inspire people as the new face of a fashion hero? I can ‘make’ and ‘I can’ be a change. I find myself capable in the very aspect so simple - it has to come out! I’m motivated enough to be that. At heart I am an artistic soul and a creator. It's like my food. Also, I’ve always been kind of different. I started to feel uncomfortable. I have always been real and I am true. I am individual with the vision and your next fashion model.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I can 'make a' and 'I can' be a change. I find myself capable in very aspect of so as simple - that has to be exiting! I'm motivated enough to be that one. I'm Artistic soul and creator in my heart. It's like my food. Also, I was always kind of different. I started feeling ' 'uncomfortable'. I was always real and I true. I'm Individual with a vision, and I'm your next Fashion Model.

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