Khen David G.
22 years old
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Who am I?

I'm from Philippines, a proud Filipino! A 21 years old farmer and butcher male who are hoping to be a model and actor. This was my dream since I was a child up until now. I'm dedicated and kindhearted person. I know this personality wouldn't bring me to the peak of my dream but I'll do all the best thing I can do as long as I can help my family and be a inspiration to others. I don't have anything to boast off and I'm not even a famous person but I'm a proud Filipino, a Filipino who wanted to change his life by pursuing his dream to be a model and actor. And to share his talents and skill to the world, which I wish that it would be enough to lift the name of my country and its people who's been criticize and underestimated because of there nationality. I know many are far more qualified than me but I'm still eager to compete with my heart and to show what Filipino's capable off. I hope you see a potential on me and change my life forever even I'm the poorest person in the competition. I want to show that talents are not base on what you are or what nationality you have, it is about what you are capable off to show. I'll do my best not only for my dream but to reach people heart and to make them more considerate and understanding. I'm Khen David Gonzales San Diego, A proud Filipino!!!

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

Opportunity and a chance for those people who are dreaming to be a model and to be known world wide regarding to there racist.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

Fashion are not only for those who wear expensive clothing and accessories, but for those who wear there self and for what they wanted to be to there heart content. It is the passion that burning within there innerself. Where modeling are not only for those who can wear expensive clothes to be a fashionista, but for those who are unique and authentic to bring there self to the crowd and rise from it. Not as a known personality but as a inspiration to the crowd. This generation doesn't need a material things, for what they need is confidence to trust there selves and to overcome there struggles. Fashion and modeling for me is not about clothing, it is about what we needed to be, A confidently beautiful with the heart. This is a chance for me to show those things and take away racism. Because I, too experience criticism and bullying so I wanted to show that beauty is not what we see outside but what we need to see inside. I want them to feel what love and acceptance really is. And to show that everyone has there own Beauty and free will to be there self. I may not be a hero but I wanted to be a fighter for those people abused by judgement and belittled for who they are. I want to be a model who wear the fashion of his heart.

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