South Africa
Creative visionary
32 years old
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About me

The moments that make us unquestionably fall inlove in an instant , the subtitle fleeting moments that define our lives , the indiscribable insatiable moments that that time will never grace us with again and the wisdom to embrace the brilliance of each and every moment . Like the warm sun on your skin.. Unconditional love is the true beauty that bests eternity everytime . To love and to be loved in return.

My dreams and passions

Fitness junkie , writer,actor,designer,artist - creative soul through which I encourage personal growth & healing on all life’s fronts . It’s what makes me tick couple that with the insatiable taste for knowledge and you’ve got me x Diamond dusted dynamite ????

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

People -learned and unique the Languages they speak , there history , there economics, there music ???? , playing the guitar and writing my own. Travel to see the world through new eyes. Business/product development , entrepreneur ,animals , nature and the undiscovered universe at large .

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