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General: I am a Indian South African woman, living in Denmark. I have two kids with my Danish husband and I am studying to be a teacher. I have a background in fashion and for a short period I did runway modeling while studying in South Africa. I also worked as a baker in my own bakery in Denmark. On a more personal note: I am someone who believes in encouraging people to be true to who they are and to learn more about themselves and their choices by asking the right questions. I broke away from my culture and family because I wanted to be free from the oppression of sexism, racism and cultural norms. Additionally I grew up in an abusive home. The mental abuse from my family was the worst, I believe it was born from my community's social standards set by cultural norms that often lead to the oppression of woman and free thinking. Because the community followed its culture, it embraced and openly voiced a dislike for women who break the rules and for dark skin amongst other things. Apart from the abuse I experienced in my home, I was also bullied and mocked about my looks and for being 'different'. My hopes and dreams were also ridiculed. I stood alone, with no where to run to - no freedom to be myself. This made me suicidal for many years. But I eventually rose up, went against everyone and everything I knew to fight for the life I wanted. Everyone shunned me, but the more I embraced who I really was, the more I succeeded in achieving my goals. Now I try to help others (via TikTok posts or TikTok LIVE, at public and private events and at schools) to believe in themselves, when no one else will. If I can do it, so can they!

What do I think about A New Kind of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV series?

It's about time! Standing on a soap box shouting can only get you so far. If we are going to swim against the stream, then we need to do it together, in larger numbers, so that we can take our place amongst those who choose to speak for us and our kids.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

I have a video that I have attached from my TikTok profile which explains my surprise about people saying that I am beautiful, I also speak about my past and some of the horrors I have experienced (please note that even though I address heterosexual relationships, I am a LGBTQ+ supporter, the message is directed at the mentality of my childhood community). I use my social media profiles to help others see that they can make choices outside of what the norms are and that joy and freedom awaits them on the other side of the struggle! Not just for themselves but also for their children. This has always been my passion. I am sometimes invited to speak at events and schools in Denmark about my life. My followers on TIkTok are majority Indians from South Africa, I try to use my influencer position to connect with them and then help them see that they have all the power they need to make changes in their and their children's lives - so together we can loosen the grip that the community and culture has on us. I believe I would be a good role model, because I am already trying to make a difference using the opportunities I have, to help others feel uplifted and to help them see that they do not need acceptance nor PERMISSION to believe in themselves.

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