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I am 27 year old LaTisha Johnson from Atlanta Georgia.I reflect a varied personality including ambition ,and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness.I am also a determined and vigorous individual , yet pleasantly calm.I encourage fighting for what you desire and believe in, and doing it through God, because nothing great comes easy with God anything is possible. I am a full time mom , my kids keep me going every single day.I am motivated by my love for learning and succeeding as I strive to become an outstanding and a successful woman in today’s society.With the definitive goal of becoming a professional model/actress .

My dreams and passions

My dreams and my passion is to become a professional model/actress. I want young girls to look up to me and say if she can do it then I can to.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I would make a difference buy ,just being myself ,helping others achieve their dreams as well and to also keep people motivated to do more.

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