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I am a single mum to an amazing 11 year old. Who is a total blessing as didn’t know if I could have children due to Endometriosis. I tell my daughter everyday that she can achieve her dreams and wishes no matter what life throws at her. So now it’s time for me to take some of my own advise. The black and white photos you see was the first time I stepped back in front of a camera last year after 20 years of hiding myself away. They were taken by a fabulously talented disabled family member. Just wished to give her the credit she deserves for them. xxx

My dreams and passions

I have so many that I really don’t know where to start. My biggest passion right now is to help children and homeless as strongly believe that no one should be without the basic needs in life not when there is more then enough to go around. I would also like to start some line of support for suffers of Endometriosis. When it come to me I have always dreamed of owning a porsche...lol, my own Makeup range, casting big hollywood movies and maybe staring in a few!!! Designing wedding dresses and fostering loads of children. I could go on but don’t we all have loads we would do if given the chance.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I’ve spent half my life dreaming of creating so much and being in a place to help others. I have worked as an Actors agent for many years supporting others to forfil their dreams as lost the confidence within myself to continue being a model at a young age because of how the industry is and I did not fit in to the measurement required and on top of that heartbreaks, let downs, abusive relationships and illness(Endometriosis) also played a big part. This life experience has given me the passion to want to show people that know matter what life serves you there is a way. Even when you lose everything as material things really are not important because at the end of the day as long as you have and love yourself you can make a change. It’s not easy as I have been to that place and am still finding my inner self belief even at 40. However I am on my way back up or as I like to call it onto the next level of my LIFT!!!! “Meaning you must first learn to L love yourself, I imagine what you wish to achieve, F have total faith in yourself and most importantly T trust that no matter what it will be ok. Love & Blessings to you all xxx

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