Sales Associate
40 years old
Who am I?

My definition of beauty is natural; Somebody who is themselves, somebody authentic, and somebody has personality- because beauty is someone being themselves and someone who has overall star-quality. I am someone who is funny, outspoken, has beauty within and, most of all, I have those star qualities that I spoke previously. I am somebody who commands a room, the moment and has overall allure. My interests include drag; I've been doing that for numerous years and it allows me to travel, as well as compete in beauty pageants. Now, my newfound interest is modelling. With the experience and knowledge that I've accumulated throughout the years, it's now my passion.

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

I think it's a great opportunity for locals like myself to represent who we are, especially being that we are not the average model and this is also a great chance for us to present ourselves the best we can to explore our talents.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I would definitely be a great role model because I can do what professionals can; If the opportunity is given, I will try my best to open doors to others who don't think they can do this kind of work.

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