20 years old
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Who am I?

I'm a plus size beauty. I sing, and model here and there. I have an autoimmune disease called systematic Lupus I was diagnosed when I was 16. Its been a tough a rough 4 years but i've been super positive about it.

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

To be a big plus size model. I want to inspire others. I want to be the reason someones smiling or in a good mood.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I'd make a difference by killing all stereotypes on how models should look. I want everyone to know no matter what shape or size you are, you're beautiful. I don't want there to just be skinny models I want there to by different types. I want to be the one that makes a difference.

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