Maresciay Kellyann
South Africa
37 years old
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Who am I?

Allow me the opportunity to introduce to you South Africa's undiscovered diamond in the rough "KELSTAR"!!!! KELSTAR Aka Maresciay Kellyann Naidoo Daniel born in Vryheid Kwazulu Natal and now based in Johannesburg. KELSTAR sings in Isizulu, English and abit of Porteugese. Even though she is a new kid on the block KELSTAR has performed for some influential people of South Africa.,KELSTAR has performed for Johannesburg' Major Mr Herman Mashaba and Dr Mangasotho Buthelezi, Dj Sbu and Gareth Cliff at the prestigious event held to celebrate Johannesburg at the exclusive venue The Rand Club. She has worked with many other musicians and producers globally, her single a Bebe Bonnito was produced by Demor Sikhosana not only that but she has also worked with Producers Patriso boy(Portugal) , Dj JT Cutmaster, Ceekay95 and Soulfleva (South Africa) and artists Ryan Drama aka Riggs, Chobi (France), Smart Bagi (Angola), Sean Burke just to name a few. KELSTAR has been featured on several nation and local newspapers like Daily Sun and Caxton's Germiston City News and also performed on the ETV Morning SHOW SA as well as Shiz Niz. She might be an up and coming independent musician but her talent and voice are soon to be recognized worldwide given the opportunity. KELSTAR is not just a musician but a songwriter, artist having sold her very first painting at an auction for R1000 not only that she is also a fashion designer and has the looks and ability to go international this shows that she is a brand with alot to offer having already started her own clothing label #KELSTAR she is definitely one to keep your eye on because the diamond is gradually surfacing and is going to shine like no other before!!!??? It's a sad reality that social media numbers are what today's society depends on to measure talent because this is one artist that shouldn't be classed by likes or followers but by God's gift to earth, "her beautiful voice". KELSTAR has realised only 3 singles and with these reached ears of many, her Songs have playlisted on Angolan, Brazilian, United Kingdom, porteugese and South African radio stations but this is only the beginning, KELSTAR looks to have her music played on radio stations throughout the world and wants to confidently represent South Africa being valued and respected by the biggest names in the music industry Globally. Her latest single My Amour with a kizomba infused beat has already playlisted on several radio stations Globally, it is just a matter of time before the world knows about KELSTAR as she has a few big projects coming up with some big names in the industry not only that but KELSTAR has the looks to represent South Africa on international stages, as Aypopo say "Everybody watch out".

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

This is a great platform expescially for us fashion designers

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I would be a great role model with my music and positive lyrics and my unique fashion designs.

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