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Who am I?

I am the momanger of SOURKRAM music, accessible on all major platforms, I love promoting and marketing my son’s music 🎶 he’s my entire life!, more about me I’m a DIY gal, not by choice by necessity being a single struggling mom is one of the many challenges I have overcome, regarding the many projects, including painting my entire home although very expensive inexpensive when you DIY, the colors of Miami influenced by colorful Cuba. From simple projects such as installing a door knob, a toilet handle, replacing the screen from door to major installations from cabinets, floor foundations etc. I’ve installed our foundation to our bedrooms, yes using an airgun shooting nails through wood beams into cement, then nailing wooden planks into the beams along with many other projects!, I’m down to earth and ready to do me, I’ll be 55 in July and I’m told I look 35, if I win we all win, much love yours truly, Marigo❤️🎶👠🙌

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

I love the concept of The Fashion Hero!, it’s about time modeling became modernized instead of yesterday’s unrealistic beauty standards, their approach to fashion has been forced upon us, hence fashion models only encouraged people to be nothing short of self consciousness , developing insecurities, eating disorders, body dysmorphia to name a few. Whereas, The Fashion Hero is the total opposite, displaying all types of models of ALL SHAPES, SIZES, GENDERS, AGES, HEIGHTS, ETHNICITIES, NATIONALITIES, DISABILITIES and ILL ABLE PEOPLE. For these reasons I am honored and privileged to be associated with The Fashion Hero whom does not judge you from the outside but from the INSIDE out reflecting on one’s inner beauty!, I’ve been told my entire life “I have it all but I’m too short”, now that ends here. I’m looking forward to being a possible contestant and winner of The Fashion Hero❤️🎶👠🙌

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I would make an incredible role model the reason, I am often told I’m a personality!, while being down to earth and professional. When I had lived in the theater district in a duplex apartment in Manhattan I struggled financially and having to keep up with fashion I created my own custom pieces out of T-shirts, tank tops, jeans, shorts & skirts I would cut, tie, knot, reshape & cuff them up, then Spray paint them including my shoes I had this one pair of Great shoes and multiple cans of spray paint I would spray paint my shoes depending on the color of my outfit out on my terrace, I also have traveled to the major fashion cities of the world, I’ m also known as & always have been a trendsetter why not on The fashion hero!, I’ve lived most of my life being so makes me a teacher of life as I continue to be a student of life, together we can grow. Having this opportunity at 55yrs young would be a dream come true especially now in my mid 50’s my time is now there is no later, I need to secure my future as well as representing elder single financially struggling moms whose lives are consumed by their children such as mine and make yearning to be on The Fashion Hero complete!, as I continue checking off my bucket list, become a winning contestant on 1)The Fashion Hero 2)Form a charity 3)Volunteer 4) Like to fly helicopters 🚁 & so much more while I still can, TYSM FOR YOUR VOTE it’s much appreciated!, YT Marigo ❤️🎶👠🙌

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