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Michele Quintero was born in the Bronx, NY at Lincoln Hospital on and lived in the neighborhood her entire life, raised by her grandmother Willie Mae and her Aunt Brenda, until moving to West New York, NJ in 2011. Her Mom and Dad weren’t around due to substance and alcohol abuse. She was almost put into foster care and was born 2 pounds - 3 ounces. Doctors suspected she would be mentally disabled but she survived. She faced bullying - and had two hospital visits as a result of injuries from the bullies before graduation from middle school but she survived. She even considered suicide - but the Arts saved her. She took all that pain and channeled it into first being a vocalist, winning top solo out of all 5 boroughs and performing at The Apollo Theater - all before the age of 18. She discovered acting in middle school and continued to follow this dream. At Hostos Community College, BX she was a part of Hostos Repertory Theatre Company and received an award for Excellence in Theatre and was nominated to participate in the American College Theatre Festival and compete for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship in spring 2010. She graduated from Hostos with an Associates in the Arts and then furthered her education at Purchase College, where she she studied Theater and Performance and started her Off- Broadway career two weeks after graduation in 2014. She has also done film work including “Pocket Full of Game” where she played a judge (coming soon). Michele participated in volunteer work at the Part of the Solution (P.O.T.S) Soup Kitchen, painted a mural at Harlem River Park, walked in A.I.D.S Walk New York, and served on the National Day of Service on 9-11-2010, where not only she had a chance to help paint a dilapidated playground, but she was also recognized for her volunteer work by Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden. Michele prides herself in giving back. She considers it her God given purpose to inspire, uplift and motivate youth using artistic platforms, which is why she works part time as a nanny and a paraprofessional (working with children with special needs). Its important to her that she teaches youth that their voices deserve to be heard and they know their worth and value. Why The Fashion Hero? Simply because she wants youth who endured what she went through or something similar to know that they deserve to be here and anything they desire can be theirs. Vote for Michele!

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

This show is NECESSARY...PERIOD! Young people, ALL people should know how beautiful they are and should be celebrated. The Fashion Hero creates a platform for exclusivity in an industry that is not so friendly sometimes to ALL people.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

My SUPERPOWER is love! Whats wrong with spreading more of that? That's all I want to do. I am fun, outgoing, determined and honest. I bring peace wherever I go. My hope is that someone like me, who may come from where I come from, will look at me and say "YES! I can do that too!"

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