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About me

I am a Fashion Blogger from India dreaming to go big and aiming to go even bigger. Originally, a Masters in Economics but full fledgedly pursuing my passion for Fashion and writing now! I’d love to be a part of season 2 of the Fashion Hero.

My dreams and passions

My Dreams and Passions have been to bring a change in the Fashion Industry where rather than following trends and currents, people start following their own body type and what suits them over what the entire world is doing! The Fashion Industry revolves around body shaming and how clothes are best fitted and suited to a certain body type. I would want to change that in the near future with the influence that i am trying to create in the Fashion Industry in India.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I am a 5’2’ dusky Indian girl with no extraordinary looks and I think there is something so extraordinary about being simple and ordinary too. As a fashion hero, i would like to bring to everyone’s notice that a middle-class girl from one corner of the world can also make a difference and become a part of the Coco Chanels and Victoria Bekhams because your power lies in YOU and not in how the world sees you! Your power lies in true authenticity and willingly and openly accepting oneself in all shapes, forms, moods and circumstances

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