Peter Maranatha
Self Employed, Digital marketing Expert, Investor
26 years old
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About me

My name is Peter Vlad, am an extrovert, an athlete,an actor, am very NIce and caring to people, i love philanthropy work, i enjoy helping others. am very blunt, am ambitious, am inquisitive, am always on the Internet making money, or looking for things that are beneficial to me in terms of business, am into investing, i love traveling, i make friends a lot, i smile a lot, am just me, please vote for me and help me win by supporting me all through this contest. I LOVE YOU ALL :)

My dreams and passions

My dream is that one day, i'll be able to influence the world positively, by helping those out there who need help, all over the world that's my aim, i hope to bring a positive outcome to the world. i hope to solve poverty one day, i hope to solve the problems out there in the world, am just one human being, but it takes one human being to bring change to the world. I am positive i will accomplish my dreams.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

The only thing i can say right now is, Just watch out for me :) i am unpredictable. i will Fulfill everything that is to be fulfilled, i will do the right things, as a role model to the world, i will carry out my promises, my duties, i will impact the world positively through this chance..

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