24 years old
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Born in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 1, 1995, Rayven is the daughter of Regina Shorter and Rodney Thomas her family includes five siblings, Cornelius Jr, Danielrell, Rayvon, Rodney Jr, and Imani. Rayvon is her twin brother. Ms. Thomas for the record is currently holding her B.A. degree in Administrative Management from Clayton State University as well as her A.A in Business Management. She often enjoy making videos for her social media accounts @bonafiderayven, spending time with friends and family. Most importantly she loves fitness and playing basketball. In Ms.Thomas free time she enjoy painting hear nail and reading. Favorite quote "Give a man a fish they can eat for the day, teach a man to fish and they can eat for a lifetime."

My dreams and passions

My biggest dream as of today is to play for a team in the WNBA.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I can be a voice. No matter what route of life you take you can always be successful. Everyone has a story to tell and I believe my story should be heard on every platform possible because my struggle alone will encourage someone to be great. Remember to follow me on my social media accounts @Bonafiderayven

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