South Africa
34 years old
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About me

Fun outgoing and free spirited , creative and bold with just enough class to be charming

My dreams and passions

is to be involved in the fashion industry, to gain knowledge from experience and involvement of innovators and industry leaders , to be influenced and influence people to be a part of a bigger picture and perhaps contribute in a small but meaningful way to this world, to be a instrument of change , information and trends

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Well hero being the operative word , i cant see myself leaping from one building to another but my super power would be to live and show every day people that being fashionable does not have to be complicated or difficult , to bring the beauty and inspiration to something that molds our personality and shapes our world, to show people how fashion can relate into confidence which in turn has only positive results in the physical world of how people view you , a healthy sense of confidence and perhaps a positive outlook on life and the world in general , all this a little bit of glam and well perhaps the rivers will part and your journey made just that little bit easier , never underestimate the power of a power tie or little black number ;)

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