Sante Niño
20 years old
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About me

Mabuhay! I currently stop my study to sustain the needs of my family and my dreams and really happy with it. I love singing, dancing and acting but unfortunately this three talents don't like me. It makes me feel good that I make people smile in just a simple way. But seriously Im passionate of what I doing. I actually don't easily give up on my dreams that I holding on. As long as I could do it I will make it.

My dreams and passions

My dreams are the same with the other succesfull persons in this world, To be a famous model and an actor someday. I also dream to have my own made film which I could entertain people as best as I could. It's really my passion to inspire people, to change their lives in good deeds by realizing them that they are beautiful in their on way. Im not perfect but I like spread the love, peace and beauty in this world to have a best version we could be.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Im confident of the beauty that I have now. Im proud to show the world how confident am I. Breaking the perception of beauty which it matters what is in the outside but not the inside. I have the this kind of passion which is to inspire people to be the best version they could be.

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