19 years old
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About me

Heyy It’s Shadow. I’m a really religious and happy young person. I love to love and give when I can. I try to be opposite my name and spread sunshine at every given opportunity; it makes my day to make yours. I love photography, I love being the one behind the camera but I love being the one in front of it more. I think I’m contagious in a good way, I love smiling.

My dreams and passions

I want to pursue a career in the medical field but I also want to be a model and a great influencer. My dream is to encourage a judge free environment and to see everyone happy. I also want to see myself become someone great all while remembering God. We all go through things and whatever has held me back, I want to be able to use it against my obstacles to say I’m bigger and greater than them. This opportunity would help me to see one of my dreams.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I’m an extremely shy person really, and I’ve always been afraid to model but I want to and if I do this and find confidence in it, I’ll encourage everyone to follow their inner dream. I know deep within myself that I can do this and find more confidence and I won’t forget to tell anyone to try their best. You can do anything you want!

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