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I am A kenyan girl aged 26 ,i started modeling when I was 17,I became the first runners up out of 37 girls in my university,in 2014. And since then my passion for modeling and fashion grew wider . And as everyone else ,I also hunt for greener pastures. I am an artist ,I draw ,I love all kinds of music , am a natural beauty enthusiast. And I do my own hair . It’s been four years now since I stepped foot in a saloon .

My dreams and passions

my dreams and passion is to help the society at large ,and see that every person I meet in life , accepts the way they look and the way they have been created by God, and that everyone view themselves as beautiful in Gods image . Because I believe there’s beauty in everything,we just need to find the right angle to view it .

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

As the next fashion hero “ I will look into the girl child hardwork and personal acceptance issues. . To lift up most people who drown themselves in self esteem problems...because where I come from I have seen so many girls who think they will never get married because of the way they look , the way they dress , and the lifestyle they live . .wth fashion hero support. I know I can make a change , because I believe I can “

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