26 years old
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About me

At six years old, I was diagnosed with Autism. Throughout my childhood, I've struggled with social and learning disabilities. At ten years old, I've been mainstreamed and started taking regular classes. As days went by, I've gained the ability and confidence to grow independently. I went from being extremely shy and closed minded to charismatic, outgoing, and adventurous.

My dreams and passions

I've always dreamed of becoming a model and getting involved in the film industry. For many years, I've bypassed opportunities due to Depression and other mental illnesses. Throughout those times of darkness, these opportunities have managed to resurface, bringing me to today in which I've been modeling now for over five years and will never give up. That's how I knew modeling has always been my calling. As for film, not only do I have a passion for perfection but also create my visions and bringing them to life.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Making a difference involves discipline, effort, and perseverance. In order to succeed as the next fashion hero. I will plan and follow a strategy to stand out and get noticed. I also would love to advocate and be a role model for those with Autism. I want them to know to never let their disability underestimate their ability and confidence in following their dreams. So as the next fashion Hero, I would like to help eradicate the stigma of unrealistic beauty standards.

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