34 years old
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About me

An NYC native, I can best describe myself as a mish-mash of rocker/hippie/goth/professional and expressive wild child who loves trying new things. I worked everywhere from the circus to media giants and a local costume shop. I've always been interested in the arts, fashion and events. I attended a performing arts high school and a fashion business college. Over the years I took up and dropped modeling a few times. Being a part of the fashion industry was always a struggle, I battled with my weight and was constantly turned down for being 5ft tall and having too "alternative" of a look. I slowly became more involved backstage hosting, coordinating, promoting, and volunteering at events all over NYC. Life hasn't always been easy being "different", but the biggest difference about me is on the inside. I decided to apply to be on The Fashion Hero to not only be the voice, but the face of mental illness. So I'd say, best way to describe me is as an adult suffering with mental illness, who though "outgoing" and "attractive", has spent years fighting to overcome a chronic illness with a bad stigma... and is ready to tell her story. - Oh yea, and they call me Sin Dee. :)

My dreams and passions

I hope to one day quit my corporate job and run my brand Sin Dee NYC full time, giving me more time to focus on my Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention involvement. I hope to be a huge force in helping bring more attention to these serious diseases that are taking so many lives each year.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I'm a suicide survivor and mental health advocate. I can be the reminder that LIFE DOES GO ON.

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