33 years old
Who am I?

I am a professional dancer who loves creativity. I was born in Berlin, Germany and got my Master degree in Contemporary Dance/Performance/Pedagogy in Austria. My desire for expressing my difference has always been a pleasure to me which is why I dive into many different ways of creativity. I saw fashion as one of these ways longer than I could remember. Pictures of my childhood were reminding me of that. I was using the clothes of my relatives and friends to create my own styles and looks and created an atmosphere of possibilities for myself and everyone else. An atmosphere which was a balancing relief for a lot of unpleasant experiences which I gathered because of my different thinking and being. Mental, emotional and physical treatments wanted me to change my convictions and my truth. When I discovered dance and a community of art as a teenager I took the chance to create opportunities which would separate me from all the opinions that wanted me to be someone else. Since my High School graduation I am on my own. Because I know that the only people who are right for me are the one that support me and love me for all I am. People that exist somewhere - this I know. And I will find them - this I know. A love that I am sharing with everyone I meet. Because I value difference highly. In fact, I see it the most important virtue of the evolution of our existence and I am grateful for every inspiration that is coming from a different point of view. Even when I find myself sensing discomfort because of it. I know it is giving me the chance to see the bigger picture. Gain clarity. Because I am convinced that every reality and truth has the right to be. And I enjoy to see these expressed in fashion which I love to combine with my devotion to nature. I am vegan and use only organic products as much as I consider it as healthy. As I love unique clothing with a comforting and loving quality I am making compromises by buying un - vegan and conventional second hand designer clothing or making changes on my own so that this spark of individuality can still shine through the expression of my fashion. Sustainability can also be achieved through the customer and until I have my own fashion line I use all the beauty that others have created to combine it with my desires of plant based and biological. I see fashion as transforming as the self itself because it is an expression. Something that brings the inside to the visible. And as the inside is an ever evolving being - Fashion will be growing into infinite possibilities of this way of expression. And I love that.

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

I am deeply grateful for the effort that the creators and leading individuals of THE FASHION HERO were and are willing to put themselves into. Because I get the sensation that they authentically create a show which is based on the conviction and knowledge that "There's Beauty in every single person.” - as Jonathan Kayne said in Season 1, Episode 4. A show that connects people from all kinds of differences, any characteristics are been given the chance to be presented. To shine in their unique light in order to show the world that it is much bigger and more colourful than we might think. This show is enabling us to meet various ways of being to see how lovely all of them are. Because that's the only reason why they exist. At the core all our uniquenesses are lovely and THE FASHION HERO is giving us the chance to show that. I am appreciating that very much.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I love humanity and I am amazed by all the creativity it is contributing to our togetherness. I see life as a journey in which we support one another to enjoy, surprise and grow into our deepest and wildest potentials. All this passion and Love is being presented in my fashion, in my words, in my communication and in all that I exude. It is a kind way of being that is creating an understanding of confidence that embraces the other. The different. I am empowering simply through showing others that it is possible to live your truth even when you are the only one who is convinced of that. I want to be a role model for this generation that shows that your own individuality is more important and stronger than we might think. I want to encourage people to have faith in their own desires and convictions because they will carry you to the right place. At the right time. Your uniqueness is the ingredient that allows evolution to take place. I know how it is to be silent because of knowing the discomfort that would follow. And I found ways and methods that let me speak up while remaining loving for those other opinions. Because I started to understand that we all are truly and simply having different perspectives. My fashion is a reminder of that. It is a love that I express - to my self and to everyone else. It says: “Celebrate yourself. It is your most wonderful existence. You deserve to be celebrated. Always.” Our generation needs to hear that. Needs to see it. Needs to sense it. We are in this together and by cherishing one another we are painting our world in gold and glitter - how ever it may look right now. We can carry it. We do. I am a living example that we can turn any dark side into the light.

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