South Korea
43 years old
Who am I?

How old are you? Are you married? - These must be the top two questions you get when you meet new people in Korea. I am 43 year old, a divorced single mom. I’ve never been ashamed of this fact but I know my candid answer would put me and mini-me into “minority” right away in this society(still!). I’ve always been a social, outgoing and bright person who enjoys dancing Latin dances, traveling, playing the piano and reading. But now I am fighting against anxiety and depression for 5 months after my company started restructuring and feeling threatened about living my life with the great responsibility as a single mother. Though I am proud to be a Korean woman, I’ve never been considered as a beauty as I have wide shoulder, big hips, chubby legs and unique face for “the standard” here in Korea. I passed all my young and sweet years under the pressure of not beautiful & typical enough. After wasting all this time, I start to realize that maybe I can be beautiful for who I am even at this age, you are shininy for just who you are. I would like to let my little girl and thousands of other daughters in Korea and around the world know that “You are pretty for being you, and you are more than enough just for who you are!”

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

The philosophy and purpose of THE FASHION HERO TV SERIES are exactly what I’ve been missed for the whole life so far. It will break down the wall of standards set up by industries for many years, help people who think themselves as minority to be confident and proud to be themselves. I am so grateful for the fair and equal opportunity that this project gives to the world.

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

As an imperfect woman, as a mother of a teen age girl and as a person who is aging naturally with wrinkles, freckles and grey hair… I would like to let people know that they can be beautiful without struggling to fit into the existing standards. Especially for the Korean society where we criticize ourselves that there are too many “medical-twins” by thousands of plastic surgeon. I want everyone to learn that “You are the one and only beauty, no matter what you have, how old you are, how you look like.”

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